Periodontal Dentistry

It is important to treat and prevent periodontal disease.

“Treatment and prevention of periodontal disease”
is very important treatment.


Ebisu / Hiroo Dental Clinic consider “treatment and prevention of periodontal disease” to be important. Prevention of periodontal disease is the basis of all dental treatments. No matter how good the filling, the beautiful esthetic treatment or the implant treatment, if you suffer from periodontal disease, it will result in tooth lost.

Isn’t the patient wanting to keep the treated teeth clean indefinitely and to be able to eat with their own teeth as they age and keep their teeth? Ebisu / Hiroo Dental Clinic has a specialist for periodontal disease and has a special treatment and prevention for periodontal disease.

Flow of Periodontal Dentistry

What is Periodontal Disease?

As shown in the illustration of “Gum of Periodontal Disease”. The calculus (black part) around the teeth is bad and inflames the bones, gums and teeth that support the teeth and destroys the tissue that supports the teeth is called Periodontal Disease.

The state of healthy periodontal tissue without periodontal disease is shown on the left. Consists of cement, bone, gums and teeth. When tartar adheres, it induces periodontal disease, destroys surrounding tissues, and gums go down. Eventually, the bone will melt and there will be no tissue supporting the tooth, and this tooth will fall out.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

The left side shows healthy gums (gingiva) and the right side shows gums with periodontal disease. Periodontal disease usually improves the gums symptoms by cleaning the tartar, but when it worsens, it rarely gets into the deep periodontal pockets and cannot be treated in the usual way. In order to cure periodontal disease, it is necessary to turn up the gums and make an incision to make it visible to the depths and remove the tartar. As a physician specializing in periodontal disease, it is not recommended to treat tartar as soon as possible as a treatment. Ideal periodontal treatment can be achieved by several steps of removing tartar and daily toothbrush care.

Toothbrush during Periodontal Disease Treatment

I will explain how to use a toothbrush for periodontal disease. Gum gum massage is also necessary for periodontal disease treatment. The method is to apply a toothbrush at an angle of 45 ° to the gums. Massage as a whole to slide sideways. It is the point of the periodontal disease toothbrush that the tip of the toothbrush always stays and massages differently from usual.

It seems to be easy but it is surprisingly difficult so practice is necessary. We will teach you how to use the correct toothbrush during treatment, so let’s do our best to treat and prevent periodontal disease.

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