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Dental treatment is available on weekdays, weekends and holidays. Sudden tooth ache and dental emergencies can treated without reservation.

A dental clinic where you can visit at any time.
We aim to protect our patients’ dental health with a “SMILE”.

Ebisu Hiroo Dental Clinic aims to be a place where patients can go anytime and to treat our patients’ with a “SMILE”. To be able to Smile with confident and have a beautifully aligned teeth. We will protect our patients’ precious teeth so that they joy of eating deliciously.



Until 8pm on weekdays, dental treatment on holidays. Sudden tooth ache can be treated without reservation

In response to our working patients who wants to be treated on the way home from work and the local residents who want to be treated during there day off, Ebisu Hiroo Dental Clinic is open till 8:00pm on weekdays, there is a dental treatment on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Emergency treatments such as sudden tooth ache and removal of stuffing can be treated without reservation. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


A dental clinic that can treat and protect your teeth

At Ebisu Hiroo Dental Clinic, we value the “treatment and prevention of Periodontal Disease”. Prevention of Periodontal disease is the basis of all dental treatments. Ebisu Hiroo Dental Clinic have a Periodontal disease-certified physician that will treat you. In addition, you can also receive a advanced and specialized Orthodontic treatment under the supervision and guidance of Orthodontist of the Japanese Orthodontic Society.


Easy to access clinic environment. Fully equipped with a private treatment space

Ebisu Hiroo Dental Clinic have a rich environment and facilities. We have a excellent facilities for patients to relax and also for advanced dental treatment. We are introducing “iTero Element”, a device which converts digitally three-dimensional data from “Dental Shapes”. With this it is possible to see before and after of the correction without taking a tooth model. We provide a completely secure Private room for treatment for our patients who worry about the surroundings, it is often used by the child-raising generation because it is easy for even small children to go. Ask about the Private Room at booking is available with no extra cost.

Flow of Initial Consultation

We will never start a treatment without first examining and will not proceed without permission, explanation or consent to our patient.
For this reason, the examination is mainly performed at the first consultation, but please understand that it is a important procedure to protect our patient’s teeth.
We will deal with the troubles and pains on the same day.

  • まずはご予約

    Make a Reservation

    For reservations, please call or use the 24-hour online reservation. For sudden tooth ache, please call us.



    Online Reservation

  • ご来院・問診票の記入

    Visit and fill out our Questionnaire

    Please visit us at the time of your reservation. At the first consultation, we ask you to fill out a “Inquiry table”. Please understand that it is necessary for a safe treatment. The first consultation is insurance treatment in principle, so be sure to bring your health card.

  • ドクターによる問診

    Consultation with the Dentist

    About 5 Minutes

    The dentist will consult you while checking the questionnaire you have filled out. Feel free to tell us when you start to feel pain. Please do not hesitate to tell us any questions.

  • お口の確認と診察

    Mouth Confirmation and Consultation

    5 Points Degree

    The dentist will looks at your mouth and checks its condition. At the same time, a simple examination for Periodontal disease is performed. At our clinic, we make full use of the dentist’s expertise to prevent and treat Periodontal disease.

  • レントゲン撮影


    5 Points Degree

    Take panoramic radio graphs to see the condition of the teeth and bones that are not visible. At our clinic, we introduce low-exposure radiography / CT, which has less burden on the body.

  • カウンセリング


    5 Points Degree

    We will talk about the current problems and treatment options, from initial consultations such as counseling, dental examinations, and X-rays. Treatment starts with the patient’s request and understanding of both within and outside the insurance. If you have any questions, ask your dentist directly.

  • 処置と初診のまとめ

    Summary of Initial Consultation

    5 Points Degree

    If treatment is required on the same day, treatment and prescription will be made. Finally, the dentist will explain the progress of the treatment. The first day’s treatment ends here.

  • 次回のご予約

    Next Reservation

    We will take the next appointment at the reception and start treatment with the patient’s consent based on the treatment plan. Usually, treatment will be carried out in two visits, test and procedure.

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※ Sundays and Holidays, open until 17:00.
◾ Clinic is close every Tuesday.

Consultation on weekdays till 7:00PM/Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

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※For Whitening, Cleaning and Regular Check-up, Please make a Reservation.


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※For Whitening, Cleaning and Regular Check-up, Please make a Reservation.

Weekdays till 8:00PM/Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

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