Inconspicuous thin and transparent
mouthpiece for straightening

Inconspicuous and Transparent Mouthpiece (Invisaline)


What is “Invisible Orthodontics”? Is a orthodontic treatment using a thin and transparent mouthpiece. It’s made of transparent plastic, it can be seen but when you put it on your teeth it’s barely noticeable. Invisaline is not the same as the conventional wire straightening, it can be used in the right place. First of all, please contact us for free counseling regarding your teeth alignment problems.

Mouthpiece Correction in Digital 3D

The transparent mouthpiece is natural and hard to notice. It also reduces orthodontic pain. Because it don’t have a prominent orthodontic device on the tooth surface, You can continue with a smile without worrying about your mouth during the treatment. Since the distance traveled by the teeth is precisely controlled digitally, the pain of tooth movement is minimized. In addition, it is a mouthpiece type that can be freely removed when eating.

Features of Ebisu Hiroo Dental Clinic Mouthpiece Orthodontics

Short-term treatment with fully digital tooth model, Treatment Plan and Mouthpiece Creation

When considering mouthpiece correction, choose a clinic that is fully equipped with a 3D scanner. Conventional plaster models cannot take advantage of the full digital mouthpiece. Since all Invisalines are made by computer simulations, the first important thing is the 3D scanner is used to make a digital tooth model and then a treatment plan is created by a using dedicated software. As a result, the treatment period itself can be greatly shortened.

A total fee that does not require additional costs during the correction period

Ebisu Hiroo Dental Clinic Mouthpiece Orthodontics includes all costs including adjustments during the treatment period. Please be assured that it is a total fee system with no additional costs.

Mouthpiece Treatment Costs


Consultation (30 Minutes) Free
Pre-examination 22,000 Yen/Once
Invisaline Basic Treatment Cost ※Device fee / Adjustment fee 1,210,000 Yen/1 Set
Invisaline Difficulty 1 ※Accelerator Loan Included 1,320,000 Yen/1 Set
Invisaline Difficulty 2 ※1 Carrière + Accelerator Loan Included 1,430,000 Yen/1 Set
Invisaline Difficulty 3 ※2 Carrière + Accelerator Loan Included 1,540,000 Yen/1 Set
vivera® retainers 60,500 Yen/1 Set
Accelerator Attachment Part 2,200 Yen/1 Piece
Accelerator body Unreturned/Lost 22,000 Yen/1 Set

Invisaline First

1st Stage Treatment
(Device fee/Adjustment fee)
704,000 Yen/1 Set
Preliminary Correction Test*A test is required before entering the 2nd term 22,000 Yen/Once
2nd Stage Treatment 429,0000 Yen/1 Set
vivera® retainers 60,500 Yen/3 Pieces


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