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A specialist in Periodontal Disease. We propose the best and optimal treatment.



前島 哲也 Tetsuya Maejima


Tetsuya Maejima

Qualification and Acquisition
Japanese Society of Periodontology
USA Implant Certificate
Vienna University Implant Certificate
UCLA Extension Certificate
Affiliation Society
Japanese Society of Periodontology, Clinical Periodontology Society

We provide the best treatment to our patients

I am Maejima, President of EHD Ebisu / Hiroo Dental Clinic. I will be treating patients on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
We focus on insurance medical treatment, examinations, explanations and treatment with care.

In order to protect our patients important teeth, it is important to determine the current situation and how accurate and minimal treatment can be done. What Ebisu / Hiroo Dental Clinic cares about is what kind of treatment our patient want to want receive.
First of all, we listen carefully to the patient’s worries. Not just treat there teeth but we strive to perform dental treatment aiming to keep the teeth functioning without extracting too much so that it could last a lifetime.

Our goal is to provide the best dentistry available within our capabilities. Feel free to come. We look forward to meeting you.


Japanese Orthodontic Society Supervisor

横田 盛 Shigeru Yokota

Hello everyone. My name is Yokota and I’m in charge for orthodontic treatment at Ebisu / Hiroo Dental Clinic.
Since I start working in orthodontic research at the university, I spent most of my life with patients through orthodontic treatment. If you have any problems with your teeth alignment and meshing, feel free to consult us.

横田 盛 横田 盛

Not only in Ebisu / Hiroo Dental Clinic, he instruct at the Japanese Orthodontic Society,
We perform orthodontics under the supervision and guidance of Shigeru Yokota.

Ebisu / Hiroo Dental Clinic welcomes Dr. Shigeru Yokota of Yokota Orthodontic Clinic in Tenjin, Fukuoka City for orthodontic treatment. “Yokota Orthodontic Clinic” is the only orthodontic clinic in the West Japan region with the Orthodontic Laboratory opened since 1975. Dr. Yokota is a visiting professor at Fukuoka University’s Faculty of Medicine and an advisor to Fukuoka Tokushukai Hospital. He is a certified physician and instructor of the Japanese Orthodontic Society.


  • 鈴木 智子

    General Dentistry

    鈴木 智子 Tomoko Suzuki

  • 樋口 しおり

    General Dentistry

    樋口 しおり Shiori Higuchi

  • 櫻岡 直也

    General Dentistry

    櫻岡 直也 Naoya Sakuraoka


  • 正岡 瑞樹

    Dental Hygienist

    大橋 瑞稀 Mizuki Ohashi

  • 中川 優花

    Dental Hygienist

    中川 優花 Yuka Nakagawa

  • 田所 音羽

    Dental Hygienist

    田所 音羽 Otoha Tadokoro

  • 田所 音羽

    Dental Hygienist

    福岡 真衣 Mai Fukuoka

  • 鈴木 純奈


    鈴木 純奈 Junna Suzuki

  • 江森 美佳


    江森 美佳 Mika Emori

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※For Whitening, Cleaning and Regular Check-up, Please make a Reservation.

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