Pediatric Dentistry

It is important to get used to Pediatric Dentistry from a young age.

Pediatric Dental Treatment that makes both Children and Parents smile


In order for a child to grow with clean teeth with no tooth decay, it is very important to have screening and prevention from infancy, beginning with a newborn screening. Ebisu Hiroo Dental Clinic, which has been supporting the child-rearing generation since we opened, we aim to be a dentist where both children and parents can go with a smile.

General Dentistry

Private Room for the Child-rearing Generation

Many children are afraid to dentists because they are not used to it, but it is important to get used to it from a young age. We strive to create an environment where children can be taken to the dentist without hesitation, and we have private rooms where they can be treat without worrying about the surroundings. Of course it can be use with out no extra cost, so ask at the time of booking.

Strollers and large luggage can be brought as is. There is also a space for parents to sit on the chairside and you can receive direct advice from your doctor while watching your child’s treatment.

Tooth Decay Prevention

The mouth changes as the child grow, the places where cavities are prone to change depending on the timing and dietary habits. We propose ways to prevent tooth decay according to your child’s condition and situation.

Fluorine Coating

Fluoride improves the quality of teeth and reduces the chance of tooth decay. It is especially effective for teeth as soon as the child grow, so we recommend regular application of fluorine to small children and children when permanent teeth begin to grow.



There is a groove (Pit Fossa) on the biting surface of the molar teeth. If the food is caught in it and left as it is, tooth decay will progress. Filling the tooth grooves with resin reduces the risk of dirt accumulating and reducing the risk of tooth decay. The treatment of filling these grooves with resin (Dental Plastic) is a preventive treatment called sealant. In particular, 6-year-old molars are recommended because they can easily become decayed.


Guide on Tooth Brushing and Diet

It is important to have regular check-ups, but prevention of tooth decay is the most important. We will also carefully teach you how to brush your teeth and diet.


Tooth Decay Treatment

We strive for painless treatment so that the burden on the child is small. We use surface anesthesia to relieve the pain of infiltration anesthesia. In addition, we treat using rubber sheet called rubber dam and prevent water from collecting in mouth.

Orthodontic Treatment

By treating at the right time as your child grows up, we may be able to treat it relatively easily and obtain a stable bite that is difficult to reverse. By coordinating pediatric dentists and orthodontists, we will propose when to start treatment for your child.

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