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The tooth decay treatment is an important treatment which is the basis of all of the treatment.

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The basis of our Ebisu / Hiroo Dental Clinic is tooth decay treatment. All our Dentist and staff are aiming for “the dental treatment they want to receive as patients”. The treatment of tooth decay is often overlooked because it is too “normal”, but it is a very important treatment.

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About Tooth Decay

Carefully remove the cavities and perform restorative treatment. Dental decay progresses as the acid created by the bacteria dissolves the teeth. At Ebisu / Hiroo Dental Clinic, we are trying to treat healthy teeth to the fullest by carefully removing only the softened tooth cavities. After removing the tooth affected by tooth decay, the shape of the tooth is healed with a covering (the material varies depending on the medical care).

Causes and Characteristics of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is caused by a bacterium called Streptococcus mutans. This mutans strain is not present in the baby’s mouth. It has been known that feeding a baby, such as a mother’s mouth, can infect the baby’s mouth. This mutans bacterium forms a bacterial film called a biofilm, which is very strong and does not easily die.

Tooth decay treatment is not a treatment to fill by cutting a hole is opened teeth. It removes only those affected by tooth decay without damaging healthy teeth. After removing mutans bacteria as much as possible, the cavity of the caries is repaired. If it is deeply affected, not just on the front side of the teeth, the root is treated (Root Canal Treatment) and then repaired.

We also provide preventive dentistry called PMTC (Professional Cleaning by Dental Hygienist) and 3DS (Antibacterial Therapy) to remove biofilms. Ebisu / Hiroo Dental Clinic prevention initiatives with periodontal disease treatment can be utilized in dental caries treatment.

About Gums (Gingiva)

If you have bleeding from your gums when brushing your teeth, you may have gingival inflammation. This is an early periodontal disease condition. If this condition continues, periodontal disease may progress, causing wobbly teeth and painful pain when chewing. If you have a strange smell or taste in your mouth, you should also scrutinize it. Early detection and early treatment of oral diseases as well as caries and gingivitis are important.

About Temporomandibular Disorders

Temporomandibular disorders are common among adults, especially young women. In recent years, the media has been increasingly featured, but in addition to discomfort such as a stuttering noise and a rough feeling mainly around the jaw joints, sometimes it may be accompanied by severe pain. If you experience stiff shoulders or tinnitus, or if you have temporomandibular disorders, you may not be able to open your mouth.

The main cause of temporomandibular disorders is bite. Therefore, unlike other arthropathy, dental treatment is mainly used. Sometimes it is caused by the muscles around the jaw, and sometimes by the joints themselves. Examinations are used to formulate treatment plans, but basically the correct engagement of a sprint (like a mouthpiece) will lead to the correct bite. Unless extremely severe or with congenital acquired malformations, no surgical procedure is used, and correction with an orthosis and occlusal treatment can improve. However, since a treatment period of several months to a little over a year is required, it is important to treat the patient patiently.

About Losing Teeth

Ebisu Hiroo Dental Clinic recommends implant treatment. Please see「Implants」for a detailed explanation of the treatment.

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