Free medical care, mainly for insurance. We supports a wide range. After explaining the advantages and disadvantages, We will treat according to the patient’s request.

A wide range of medical treatment menus centered on insurance medical treatment and secure treatment costs

Ebisu Hiroo Dental Clinic provides treatment centered on insurance medical treatment. At the time of pre-treatment counseling, we clearly explain the treatment plan as well as the treatment costs and the cost of treatment so that patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.

First-time Consultation

First-time Consultation(Fee) Health Insurance is Applicable

Cosmetic Treatment (Covering / Stuffing)

審美治療 (被せ物・詰め物)

Conspicuous silver teeth are beautifully restored with natural white ceramic coverings and fillings. Dental resins and thin ceramic veneers are also cosmetic treatments.
Ceramic Crown 176,000 Yen/1 Tooth
Ceramic Crown
※1DAY treatment
181,500 Yen/1 Tooth
Zirconia Crown 198,000 Yen/1 Tooth
Zirconia Crownn
※1DAY treatment
203,500 Yen/1 Tooth
All-ceramic Inlay 72,600 Yen/1 Tooth
All-ceramic Inlay
※1DAY treatment
75,900 Yen/1 Tooth
Zirconia Inlay 96,800 Yen/1 Tooth
Zirconia Inlay
※1DAY treatment
100,100 Yen/1 Tooth
Fiber Core 22,000 Yen/1 Tooth



Even if you continue to brush your teeth carefully, the pigment may accumulate on your teeth resulting in dullness or coloration. Tooth Whitening is performed using medical agents and devices.
Office Whitening (Medicine applied 3 times) 11,000 Yen/Once
Home Whitening 11,000 Yen/Once
Additional Gel 3,300 Yen/1 per bottle



A treatment that supplements teeth that have disappeared due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, or trauma. An implant made of titanium is embedded in the jaw bone to create an artificial tooth called the superstructure.
Implant Surgery Implant surgery is performed to patients who lost there teeth. 330,000 Yen/1 Tooth
Implant Superstructure It is a tooth of a cover that is performed after implant surgery. We will repair it with a white ceramic. 198,000 Yen/1 Tooth *Consolidated 11,000 Yen/One place
Sinus lift 242,000 Yen ~ 605,000 Yen/One place
GBR (Bone Regeneration Surgery) 143,000 Yen~253,000 Yen/1 Tooth
Implant Check 3,300 Yen/One place


Small Denture 220,000 Yen~/1 Piece
Large Denture 407,000 Yen~/1 Piece
Non-clasp Small Denture 264,000 Yen/1 Piece
Non-clasp Large Denture 297,000 Yen/1 Piece

Root Canal Treatment

Front Tooth 22,000 Yen/1 Tooth
Premolar 33,000 Yen/1 Tooth
Molar 77,000 Yen/1 Tooth

Tooth Extraction

Ordinary Tooth Extraction※Includes drug charges 5,500 Yen/1 Tooth
Difficult Extraction※Includes drug charges 11,000 Yen/1 Tooth

(Inconspicuous white ceramic bracket)

Consultation (30 minutes) Free
Ceramic Bracket 1,100,000 Yen
Pre-correction Inspection Correction simulation by soft tissue analysis and model analysis by X-ray or CT 49,500 Yen/Once
Adjustment Fee (Once a month) 5,500 Yen ~ 11,000 Yen/Once *Depending on Difficulty
Retainer (One jaw) 29,700 Yen/1 Piece

Mouthpiece (Invisaline)

Consultation (30 Minutes) Free
Pre-examination 22,000 Yen/Once
Invisaline Basic Treatment Cost ※Device fee / Adjustment fee 1,210,000 Yen/1 Set
Invisaline Difficulty 1 ※Accelerator Loan Included 1,320,000 Yen/1 Set
Invisaline Difficulty 2 ※1 Carrière + Accelerator Loan Included 1,430,000 Yen/1 Set
Invisaline Difficulty 3 ※2 Carrière + Accelerator Loan Included 1,540,000 Yen/1 Set
vivera® retainers 60,500 Yen/3 Pieces
Accelerator Attachment Part 2,200 Yen/1 Piece
Accelerator body Unreturned/Lost 22,000 Yen/1 Set

Invisaline First

Invisaline First (Device fee/Adjustment fee) 1st Stage Treatment 704,000 Yen/1 Set
Preliminary Correction Test*A test is required before entering the 2nd term 22,000 Yen/Once
Invisaline First 2nd Stage Treatment 429,000 Yen/1 Set
vivera® retainers 60,500 Yen/3 Pieces

False Tooth

Simple 3,300 Yen/1 Tooth
Precision*Lab finish 5,500 Yen/1 Tooth


Emdogain 33,000 Yen/One place
Artificial Bone/Membrane (Small) 66,000 Yen/One place
Artificial Bone/Membrane (Large) 132,000 Yen/One place

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal Surgery 110,000 Yen/1 Tooth
Bone Regeneration Surgery 110,000 Yen/One place
Micro SRP Front Tooth 44,000 Yen/1 Tooth
Micro SRP Back Tooth 33,000 Yen/1 Tooth


Dental TreatmentFirst visit; X-ray, First Aid, Diagnosis 11,000 Yen/Once
Dental TreatmentCT Scan Examination, Diagnosis 16,500 Yen/Once

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